Five Fantastic Freebies for my Followers

by Violin Teacher Michael Sanchez

and Owner and CEO of Violin Tutor Pro and Superior Violins

I have a special announcement for all my loyal violin followers and fans from around the world: I’ve put together a unique offer which will make it easier than ever for you to get the violin or bow you’ve been hoping for. This offer includes flexible payment plans, a risk-free trial program and $139 in freebies you get to keep no matter what. It’s my way of saying thanks to you.

I hope I have your attention, as this is a fantastic opportunity to take your sound to the next level.

First though, let me show you a brief video my wife and I put together about our Superior Violins company.

If you’re reading this email, you likely already know about the great instruments I sell. It’s possible you’ve wanted to try out some of my instruments and bows, but just haven’t been able to yet.

Perhaps finances have gotten in the way, or your time has been limited. Maybe you’re unsure about buying an instrument online. You’d love to improve your playing, and the thought of creating new sounds on a new instrument is inspiring. Sound familiar?

Since being able to afford a new instrument is a challenge for many people, you’ll be happy to hear what I’m about to say.

We Offer Super-Flexible Payment Plans!

One nice thing about working with a small company like ours is that we offer super-flexible payment plans that will fit perfectly within any budget. Almost daily I see someone pleasantly surprised with the payment options we can offer them. They go from thinking they can’t afford anything to purchasing a beautiful new instrument.

We always find a way to make it work with you, as we know money is a big factor–we don’t want to break your bank.

Here are five examples of the payment flexibility we are offering our customers on a daily basis:

1. In-house payment plans option (no credit check)

2. Plans as low as $9/month

3. 12 months same-as-cash

4. Super-low finance plans ($35/month for $1,000 financed)

5. Rent-to-own plans where 100% of what you pay can go towards the purchase price of any future instrument of equal or higher value. That means every dollar you spend on a $20/month plan will eventually aid in helping you afford that even better instrument upgrade someday. It also allows parents to not have to pay out of pocket when they have already paid in full for a fractional sized student instrument. We’ve seen it too many times where parents end up paying way more than they should for rental programs that under-deliver. We do the opposite.

If that seems like a confusing array of options, just know that these are all different ways to make a purchase more affordable for you. Normally the first thing we ask customers is what their ideal monthly payment would be–and we work with what they can afford. For example: it’s much easier to pay $50 a month for a great new instrument or bow than $2,000 up-front.

With payment options galore, you still have to find the right instrument. I’m ready to make that a simple process for you as well. How?

We have a great Try-Before-You-Buy Program!

This program is as simple as it gets. I’ll send you ANY instrument or bow (or both) from our shop on a 30-day trial period. We ship instruments and bows anywhere in the world and–with my special offer below–we’ll even pay to send it to you.

You can try the package for 30 days to make sure it’s right for you. Play it for a musician friend. Let your teacher check it over from chin rest to scroll. You never have to commit to purchasing anything. I only ask for a small deposit which applies toward the purchase (or is refundable upon return of the instrument).

If the instrument or bow doesn’t meet your needs, you send it back. That’s it–there’s no catch. I’ll even let you keep all the freebies listed below.

Try an Instrument/Bow before April 28th and all these are yours:

Freebie #1 – 30-Days of free access to my NEW Violin Tutor Pro learning program ($19 value)
Freebie #2 – An invitation to my 1-hour vibrato training webinar – Saturday 4/23 – 11AMEST ($20 value)
Freebie #3 – An invitation to my 1-hour advanced training webinar – Thursday 4/28 – 8PMEST ($20 value)
Freebie #4 – Any Shoulder Rest or Rosin on our website–your choice ($30 value)
Freebie #5 – Free shipping of the entire trial package to you ($50 value)
By now you may have some questions. Here are a few that we answer frequently:

How good are your instruments and bows?

I truly believe the quality of our instrument/bows are the best you’ll find anywhere online. Combine that with our personalized approach, professional knowledge and customer service, and you are in great hands. I promise you won’t be disappointed as we personally hand pick and set up every instrument ourselves, and obsess over every little detail. We are all violin/viola/cello players just like you, so we’re looking for the exact same things that you’re looking for. We encourage you to test out our instruments and bows against others. This is very common practice, and we won’t get offended.

What if something goes wrong in shipping?

We’ve only had a handful of instrument shipping problems since we started the business in 2009. In each circumstance, we covered the cost for our customer. We never would allow you to get “stiffed” because of a poor delivery of the item. We professionally package every instrument with care. You have no risk here–and we promise to always take care of you.

How do I know this offer is real?

We have hundreds of happy customers. Many of them write glowing reviews or give us feedback on our BBB (Better Business Bureau) page , so others can see the positive feedback as well. We have never received any negative feedback about our customer service or quality of product on this profile, something we are very proud of. You can find this profile easily through Google.

Why should I buy from you?

Our products are excellent–a fact proven by how few returned instruments we receive. We wish you could hear from all the people who were skeptical at first, but now wouldn’t shop anywhere else. We truly love what we do, and get excited when someone decides to take the big step to upgrade their instrument or bow. We don’t always have the best graphics or write-ups, but we shine in other areas that a big business could never focus on. Here’s more about us.

Enter Our Showroom

I am really excited about some of the recent instruments and bows that we have received from our suppliers. I really hope you decide to contact us so you can setup a trial to see for yourself.

Right now I have some stellar European violins that are great (above $5,000), and also wanted to list some others that would be worth trying. I’ve sold two premium Topa violins since the start of 2014. One went to a student that had been taking lessons with me for about three years, and another went to a man on the East coast (also a non-professional player). The Topa violins are absolutely stunning in tone and construction–we were very happy to find them at a trade show a few years ago. If you can afford a Topa, I highly recommend it. The sound is penetrating, rich, pure, even, full, clean–I run out of adjectives. I personally have never played a better violin under the $30,000 price point (and I’ve played around 100 violins priced near $30,000 in my career).

The Topa Violin – The Best Sounding Violin You’ll Find Under $30K

Not everyone can afford a $10,000 instrument (obviously). Everyone has different needs and budgets, but I’ve seen my Tia Bruna violin ($1,400) bring just as much joy to a purchaser as an expensive European instrument. A violin upgrade is significant to any player–regardless of budget–who has reached the limits of their current instrument.

Specific Recommendations
Everything I recommend below represents an instrument or bow I’ve personally chosen to be in our product line. You can count on all of it to be great. For each option, I have at least a few that I would say are standouts. I only have one Topa so that will be on first-come-first-serve!

Instrument Recommendations
Vitale Violin ($675), Vitale Viola ($850), Tia Bruna Violin ($1,400), Damiano Violin ($2,500), Damiano Viola ($2,800), Used Tia Bruna Cello ($2,600), Damiano Cello ($5,800), Lacek Violin made in Poland 2015 ($6,000), Migiel Violin made in Poland 2014 ($9,000), Topa Violin made in Poland 2016 ($13,000).

To see one of our best premium-level violins (the Elisa Damiano) in action, check out this video:

To coordinate a 30-day trial and to get our special freebies, you can get in touch by live chat or in any of these ways:

Call: (800) 723-5043


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