Going Beyond the Classics

Violin is considered an expressive instrument and one that is felt to come the closest to emulating the human voice. The beauty of the violin is normally associated with classical music players. If you pay close enough attention you will find that violins are part of every musical genre. Popular music and movie soundtracks have always benefited from the addition of a string arrangement. Here we have listed several popular genres and the types of violin that are commonly found within it.


Stemming from the Baroque era, which is why it is called Baroque violin, it has been a vital instrument in the classical music genre. The tone of the violin allows it to stand out among other instruments which helps the melody line. Expert players can are equipped when it comes to playing difficult note sequences at high speeds. From orchestras to quartets, it is a vital instrument.

Popular Music

As early as the 1920s and 1930s, the violin can be heard in popular music and it normally used in dance music. While it dropped off for a few decades, the instrument reemerged in the 1960s and was heavily used in disco in the 1970s.
In pop music, the Motown era relied heavily on strings which was a trademark in the texture of their music. Modern mainstream acts such as Yellowcard, Dave Matthews Band, and U2 are acts that have been known to use violin in their music, more so electric violin.
While it has not been utilized much in the rock music, indie artist such as Andrew Bird and Arcade Fire are well-known for incorporating it into their songs. The former artist is part of indie rock that has been dubbed “violindle”.


In the early 20th century, jazz performances used violins as a solo instrument. One great jazz violinist from era is Eddie South who was nicknamed the Dark Angel of Violin. In modern jazz, violins are used in avant-garde style of playing. Leroy Jenkins and Regina Carter’s playing are examples of violin style of today’s jazz.

Violin Lessons Online

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