Many students struggle with bow bounce on the violin. Check out my video below to learn 5 key tips:

The way to avoid it is to work on the proper concepts which includes focusing on 5 key areas:

  1. Elbow position – When you play the violin, you should always have your right elbow in the proper position. It should be above the instrument on G, even with the instrument on D, below the instrument on A, and at your side on the E. This is key to having success in keeping notes clean and also avoiding bow bounce.
  2. Pulling from the Forearm – Many students use too much shoulder when they pull the bow across the strings. Make sure your forearm is powering the bow stroke, and that your right elbow doesn’t move much once you are in the proper bow plane.
  3. Wrist Position – It is very important to bend your wrist as you are coming up bow.
  4. Index Usage – When you want to pull the bow faster or slower, it’s important to use the index finger to power the stroke. Many students use the big muscles which causes major problems with playing soft, loud and doing articulation.
  5. Bow Usage – It can’t be said enough that you should use as much bow as possible when you play the violin. This will help you avoid bow bounces as well even if you have a few of the things above not as ideal.

Hope this post helps you guys out!